Introduction to the Research Organization

The Research Organization for Functional Natural Products was established in 2017 with Koichiro Onuki (Professor, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, Kinki University) as President, and Kuniyoshi Shimizu (Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University) and Junpei Goto (President, Clinical Science Institute, LLC) as Directors. We operate our research on a non-profit basis as well as an integrated organization, but we can’t shake the impression that we are separate organizations or profit-making corporations, including User Life Science Corporation. It was established as a single public interest corporation to show collaboration.

Due to the corona disaster of 2020, various academic activities have been suspended. In particular, it has become extremely difficult to go abroad or invite people in Japan, and international exchanges have become impossible in person. This is why we have decided to hold the first online international conference on May 21, 2020.

Online conferences have the merit of providing a sense of closeness similar to face-to-face meetings and the ability to exchange opinions remotely and quickly, and as of October 2020, we have already held three international conferences. We have already held three international conferences as of October 2020. Currently, we are focusing on researchers who are close to our relatives, but we would like to conduct a wide range of conferences, including online conferences in Japan.

In addition, we will archive the information of these online conferences on the web and make it into a journal. We are planning to build a system that can dramatically accelerate the publication of research by greatly streamlining the conventional process of submission and peer review. Our research activities will focus on natural product science (food, cosmetics, aromatics, pharmaceuticals, etc.), but we hope that this system will become a movement for academia as a whole.

October 2020
Research Organization for Functional Natural Products, Inc.
President: Koichiro Onuki